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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aleah's Tooth Surgery

Our Beautiful, Smart, amazing daughter. Aleah!
Aleah has a really nasty abscess tooth.  She was in a lot of pain.  Poor Girl.
The dentist said, "We needed to pull this tooth." They are going to put in a spacer so the teeth stay aligned.
Aleah, had some other work they needed to do along with a cleaning. We opted to have her go under for the procedures.  That way Aleah wouldn't remember anything.  SWEET!!!  Aleah had her Surgery Wen Sept 19th.  Aleah was under for about 1- 1/2 hours.  She was a real big trouper.  She is out of surgery and doing well.

Aleah, wrote this letter to the Dentist.
Translation, "Thank you for doing my Surgery"

Aleah, made three of these one for the dentist and two for the nurses. She put a stick of gum, and some yogurt covered raisin.  What a girl!!!! 

Fun with The Zortman's


Tonna, Chris, Conner,William, and Jessenia
came to visit us for Labor Day weekend.
The weekend was filled with lots special time and lots of memories.
 Aleah and Jessenia."Best Friends"
These girls are so cute!
Sleep overs are a blast!!! Especially when it's with your best friend.
William and Jessenia waiting to see the Dolphins at The Secret Garden Mandalay Bay.

These Dolphins were so fun and very active.

Visiting the White Tigers at The Secret Garden Mandalay Bay.


Conner and Blake.

Such a fun Dolphin.

Blake on his favorite Butterfly!

Such a cute Daddy and Blake picture!
Loving on Aunt Tonna.
For Becky's Birthday Chad got her tickets to see Wicked. 
Tonna's Birthday is in Sept too so the two of them enjoyed a night together celebrating their birthday's. 
Happy Birthday!!!

Also Tonna's  illegal picture of the Wicked set.
She took the picture and the guy came up and announced that no one take any pictures.  OOPPS!!!

This is the shot Becky and I took from the balcony of the Smith center after Wicked.

After Wicked Tonna and Becky went to Fremont street. 

Chad got his Antelope

It scored 78 5/8" which puts him in the Nevada record book by 5/8"

The kids are so excited!!! 

First day of School

The Yellow bus came to our house today!  It's time for School.  Yeah!!
Blake and his school nurse Samantha ready for school.
Our Bus Driver Ms.Angelica
Aleah, is in the first grade. 

Here is Aleah's teacher Mrs.Goerdner
Here is Blake at Centers. Blakes teacher is Mrs. Trundle

Blake playing a game.  What a cute boy.

In other news Blake has been using the big boy toilet.  He is such a champ.

Fun Saturday Adventure Blacklight Mini Golf

  We went to King Putt's indoor Mini Golf.  The whole place is under black lights.
It was really cool.
We love spending time together.
DA Man!

The kids trying to find their ball.  So much fun.

It looks like an Eagle.

Our little Lady.

Our little Man.

Aleah and Blake.  How cool is this place?

The kids had such a wonderful time. 

Nissen Fundoplication

If you remember Blake was suppose to have a Nissen Fudoplacation June 6th Go to this post to read all about why he needs the Nissen. The surgery was cancelled June 5th because Blake was very sick and had a collapsed lung.You can read more by going to this post.
  This has been a long awaitied procedure but finally it happened. Monday July 30 Blake had his Surgery (Nissen Fundoplication) at Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas by  Dr Kogut. he did an amazing job.  Blakes only stayed in the hospital for two days.  His recovery was so quick, there were no complications. Yeah! Thank you everyone for all your prayers and support.  We love you all.
Our Champ Ready for Surgery!

Blake is such a trooper. Waiting to go back.
This surgery really improved Blakes eating. We were able to switch from the GJ-Tube to just a G-tube Sept 9th.
This allows Blake to eat through his tummy!!  Yeah ( if you would like more info on the different tubes go here. )
We are so thriled with the results of the surgery.


September Update

September 5th Blake was fitted for his new Q6 Edge power Wheel Chair from the scooter store.  Awesome we are so excited!!!
The Doctors have decided we are just going to go ahead with the Exnome testing.  The kits are on their way for Becky and Chad to test their blood.  They are going to put us in a trial of some kind.  Not sure the specifics yet but we are excited to see the results of the tests.